KitchenAid ProLine Burr Coffee Grinder

Product Description

KitchenAid ProLine Burr Coffee Grinder has been designed in such a way that it can be used personally as well as commercially. This coffee machine is capable of making perfect cups of coffee, just the way you like them. The combination of stainless steel and plastic gives it a smooth, glossy finish and lends it sturdiness and durability. This coffee machine has a 7 oz. bean hopper and it provides a quiet coffee grinding and brewing experience.

The burrs of this particular model are both adjustable and removable; therefore, it helps the users to a great extent. This grinder also offers 15 levels, so that the grinding and brewing of coffee can be as fine or coarse as you like it. In addition, the low RPM of this grinder is capable enough to retain the essence and aroma of the coffee. The ProLine coffee grinder is designed especially for regular or daily use.

Technical Details

  • 7 oz. bean hopper and static cling-resistant coffee bin
  • Adjustable and replaceable burrs
  • Grind control dial offer 15 levels of fineness
  • Low RPM operation to preserve flavor
  • One piece metal base with nonslip rubber feet

KitchenAid Burr Grinder Review

The KitchenAid ProLine Burr Coffee Grinder has gained immense popularity within a small period of time due to its impeccable quality and efficient performance. This machine is crafted to serve a larger crowd of people so you can put it to personal as well as professional use. Compared to the other machines the ProLine coffee grinder is quite expensive as it is built with superior quality material. However, that is a small price to pay for a product that is reliable and promises to last for several years.

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Customers have stated that this coffee grinder works perfectly even after prolonged and heavy use. Where other grinders lose their efficiency with each passing day, this machine provides trouble free operation without a history of malfunction. More than 70% of the users gave this machine a 5 star. One customer said this grinder was as great as the ones you find in authentic coffee shops. An overwhelming number of users commented on the capacity of the KitchenAid ProLine.

The chute of this grinder can easily accommodate a remarkable amount of coffee. Also, while other grinders are excessively heavy, this model is pretty lightweight, making it quite portable. However, the bottom of this product is made of fragile glass; therefore it is recommended that you be slightly careful while handling it. The best part of this machine is that it works without making ugly noises that can be so painful.

KitchenAid Burr Grinder review has been mostly positive and people have been hard pressed to point out any flaws in it. The rotation of the bur is comparatively slower than other machines but it also produces less heat than others. The coffee ground and brewed in this machine retains its real flavor, making for a great experience for coffee lovers. The KitchenAid ProLine Burr Coffee Grinder – Onyx Black – also known as the “monster” or the “tanker” is a strongly recommended buy. Have no fear, go pick it up.

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